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Ten-Oh-Five - Pastposting Cheat

 Blackjack ten-oh-five is basically another type of a pastposting move in cheat at blackjack which relies on team work and swift movements.  

Welcome one more method to cheat at blackjack which is used by blackjack cheaters and is called blackjack ten-oh-five.

What is Blackjack Ten-Oh-Five?

In the blackjack switch-chip, a mechanic/claimer walks to the blackjack table once the dealer has swiped the cards post taking and paying the bets from prior round. Three $5 red chips are placed on the first circle for betting to the dealer’s right by the mechanic/claimer, this position is called third base. Once he has settled, he then places one $5 chip and five $500 purple chips on layout in front of him, using the right hand he covers the chips keeping them hidden from everybody in the casino. The move will be formed with the help of these chips one $5 chip and two $500 chips on the top, and the remaining three $500 chips are known as backup chips and will be used once the move is done.

How Does the Move Work?

Player would play the cards using his left hand, guiding the dealer by giving the stand and hit signal. He would be the last player to play the hand at the 3rd base, however he is the first one to get the attention form the dealer after a round is completed and all cards are played. This means that this player will be first one to get paid during the winnings and also the first player to get the chips swept on the losers. The significance of the third base position is that angle it forms between the dealers head and betting circle, while the dealer is performing the function of paying all the bets on layout. The blackjack move can be performed through other positions, however the 3rd base is the best, every spot on the right made the move little tough.

Bets and Wins

The player will nerve lift his hand from the 1 red and 5 purple chip which would be hidden on layout in front of him while playing the hand. In case he loses that hand, he would go to another table within the casino. He is not allowed to place another bet at the same table since he is formed by the casino as a low red chip player. Whenever the player wins he initiates the move by first cutting the 3 chips on the top of his finger grip and he would for the payoff from the dealer, which is of course three $5 red chips.

After the dealer would slide the 3 red chips to the 3 red chips that player has his bet, player with the help of his left hand moves his hand towards the betting circle and would scoop the original 3 red chips that he had bet on, and the right hand lays on the 2 $500 purple chips with a red-chip capper, precisely at the point where the original 3 chips were. Continuing this motion, player uses his left hand to dump the removed 3 reds from that layout into his left pocket, at the same time his right hand would chase the dealers hand and would tap it. And when the player proceeds for the claim, his both hands would be completely empty and the palms would be exposed, and now the 3 purple $500 backup chips he had are plain view.

Psychologically this a powerful move, since the gentle tap to the dealers hand proves the dealer helpless and makes him believe that he has actually misread the bet, this move is not possible physically on the blackjack table.

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Legal Side of Cheating

Have you ever thought of possible legal ways of cheating? Certainly, all of them still stay illegal but anyway...

Some methods can be found and used by experienced cheaters if they want to make a presentation of cheating as if it's a legal one.

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