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Famous Blackjack Cheaters - Names and Achievements

Blackjack has always been managed to attract players from all around the world since centuries. However, the game also manages to attract plenty of blackjack cheats from all over the world even now, when people are preoccupied with hundreds of problems and fast running of life. There have been dozens of players who have tried to somehow cheat the casinos at the game of blackjack; most of them have not been successful.

However, there have been a handful of blackjack cheats who have successfully beat the casinos out of thousands of dollars at blackjack by using various different techniques and by working in team formats.

Given below are a few very famous blackjack cheaters of all times:

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Joe Classon

Joe Classon is quite a well known blackjack cheater. Over the years, he had formed alliances with other players and had been a part of a very successful cheating ring. Joe Classon managed and run the best pastposting team around the world. He took it one step further when he not only pastposted at roulette tables but also very successfully at the blackjack tables. Over the years he managed to earn thousands of dollars from the casinos by cheating them with much ease.

Jerry Palmer

Jerry Palmer had been a part of the famous Classon pastposting team which had worked only on crap and roulette tables in 1969 and in 1970. They made several trips to the casinos and it was during one such trip that Jerry had suggested using pastposting on the blackjack tables too.

Jerry had been incredibly successful at his cheating technique and had a payout rate of more than 95%. Since then, blackjack had become the main area of pastposting for the team and it had been used by them for several years. 

Dustin Marks

Dustin Marks is known as one of the world’s most famous insider cheats. Not only had he been a casino dealer but he had also been one of the very few cheaters who had managed to cheat the casinos where he worked for several years without anyone ever being able to catch him.

Sherri Schoons

Sherri Schoons was born in the year 1961 and had been the only known female pastposter in casinos. Sherri started her career with the blackjack pastposting move which she perfected. She switched the chips, made the claims all the while charming everyone around her, including the dealers and the pit bosses who never had a single doubt that she was cheating. She had been highly successful through her career as the member of the pastposting team and had successfully cheated dozens of casinos all over the US.

Mark “Balls” Abromowitz

Mark “Balls” Abromowitz had met Richard Marcus at a poker game in New Jersey where he had been given the nickname of Balls. He had been trained to be a claimer and then as a claimer and mechanic for blackjack.

Phuong Quoc Truong

Phuong Quoc Truong was the first ever player who actually brought in racketeering in an organized casino cheating operation where the owners of the casinos were not involved. He had been the head of the Tran Organization which was a group of Vietnamese criminals and other Caucasian casino workers. He had put together a team which had been the largest, most profitable and the longest ever casino cheating scam in the world of all time.

So What is Cheating?

It's easy to give a definition of this word itself but what interesting and useful can be found and discovered about cheating at the card game of blackjack? What methods are used and developed by many generations of skillful cheaters with the aim of beating money out of casinos illegally? Who are blackjack cheaters in general? Here you can find answers to all these questions and learn something new for yourself even if you are a professional gambler already.

How Cheaters Are Caught?

All casinos are really responsible and serious about their security, so they do not give even a chance to anyone to cheat them. Well, how do they catch cheaters and how gamblers themselves can help a casino to divest a cheater? Certainly, players also do not want to be cheated by anyone else and that is why they are welcome to work with a live casino when a cheater should be caught. Read about how to divest a cheater and what methods casinos use for this case.

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