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Blackjack Card Game Online Cheating: Ways and Means

 When it comes to online casinos and online blackjack, though it seems impossible, there are a few methods of how to cheat this card game online.  

Cheat card game of blackjack is not a new thing anymore. There have been dozens of players who have used several clever methods in order to cheat this card game. The dealers too are not far behind when it comes to cheating. There have been several different methods which have been used by players for cheating at land based casinos even in cooperation woth dealers. However, when it comes to the online casinos and the online blackjack, things are quite different.

Gambling and betting games are actually meant to be interesting and fun. However, people who do have a strong urge to earn lots of money, would be lured into the world of cheating. These players do not play the game for fun but only for winning the money. They can even go to any lengths in order to get the money from casinos. Players are not behind even when it comes to online blackjack.

Cheating at Online Casinos

Players who think that it is impossible to beat the online casinos are actually mistaken. In fact, it is not really as hard as most people would think. Computers have often been used to try and cheat the online casinos and get a big paying day at blackjack. However, not many of these have worked. Today, the cheaters have come back with stronger and better methods of cheating the casinos some of which cannot be detected or even prevented.

Blackjack Bots

Any good blackjack bot is actually just like a brain of a online blackjack uk player. The bot would take the player’s cards as an input, would plug the card into the strategy matrix and then would decide how to play the hand in the most profitable manner. The bot would know exactly just when to double, when to split and when to hit. The bot can make the decisions totally free of error. If a player can find a good bot, he/she can just turn it on and let it do its work while it makes money.

A blackjack bot would not be able to beat the house but it does give an edge to the player over the house. If the perfect strategy is used, the edge of the casino would be reduced to around 0.5% in the long run. However, even this is quite a good result. It is a lot better than even most professional players can manage.

Blackjack Cheating Software

In most online casinos, the software which is used for shuffling is known as “pseudo-random number generator”. Every pseudo RNG would begin with a seed which is an initial number which is generated in the process. The point is that once the seed is known, the shuffle algorithm would be known as well and from there on it is easy to predict the cards which would be dealt in the future in the game.

Based on this, there is even plenty of blackjack cheating software which has been designed and is by players in order to predict the sequence of the cards which would be dealt to cheat at the game. Also, many of this software are even sold online for those interested in cheating.

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Legal Side of Cheating

Have you ever thought of possible legal ways of cheating? Certainly, all of them still stay illegal but anyway...

Some methods can be found and used by experienced cheaters if they want to make a presentation of cheating as if it's a legal one.

Find a cheater

Passionate blackjack players can't stay indifferent to gambling their favorite card game both in land-based casinos and internet ones. They do not miss any opportunity to improve their skills and, moreover, win some money, playing blackjack online. We are sure, you are not an exception here and you know how to get a pleasure from the game.

Then you are welcome to the website where you will have an opportunity not only to play blackjack games but also to find, read and learn the very useful information about the history of this noble card game, its rules, strategies and variations; discover the best blackjack books for yourself and do not forget about famous blackjack players of course!

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