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Traditional Blackjack Cheating Methods

 The highest amount of attempts of cheating at blackjack, take place at the casinos. There exist dozens of different techniques for casino cheating. 

Casino cheating refers to all the actions which are prohibited by the rules of the casino. Cheating is illegal but the exact sanctions relating to it would depend on the jurisdiction under which the casino operates. For example, in the state of Nevada, casino cheating is considered to be a felony under the law. In most other states, specific statutes do not always exist but cheating would generally be considered as fraud and would accordingly be dealt by the authorities.

However, advantage play techniques are not considered as cheating. For example, card counting is an advantage play which is used in blackjack and when the players count cards without the help of outside devices, it is not considered as cheating. You can't count in online blackjack though. But you can see the hand history. Sometimes it's better for you than just to count cards.

The online casino sites all offer a large selection of banking choices. This means that you'll be able to deposit and withdrawal with a vast range of banking choices - making you comfortable as you play at the online casino and offering great options.

Each gambler should know that there's a number of sites you'll never be cheated at, because they belong to fully-licensed gambling companies. You can feel absolutely safe playing top rated casinos which offer you not only secure gambling but also high payouts. Still, if you like trying different engines, remember the tips below.

Card Marking

Card marking is basically the process of altering the cards in such a way that the rank, suit or both of them are only apparent to the player who has marked the card. The marks are done on the observer’s side and are usually quite uniform.


Pastposting is another method of cheating at blackjack. This method is simply that of making a bet on an outcome which is already known. This has been known as the best trick of all times and has been used very widely for roulette and craps and in some cases for blackjack too.

Hand Mucking

Hand mucking or simply mucking, as it is also known, is a type of sleight of hand and is very often used by players for cheating. Basically, it is a method of concealing a card and removing it from the play so that it can be used later by the player whenever he/she wants.

False Deals, Shuffles and Cuts

Dealers are quite well aware of what would work and what wouldn’t and know about all the different techniques like false card shuffles, cuts and false deals with the help of which they can ensure that his/her partner wins at the game.

Second dealing

Second dealing is a way of manipulating the deck of cards during a game by dealing the second from top card rather than the top card for cheating. Any player who specializes in manipulating the cards is known as a card mechanic while one who specializes in second dealing is known as a second dealer, a number two man, two dealer or a deuce dealer.

Blackjack Ten-oh-Five

Blackjack Ten-oh-Five is a special type of pastposting move which had been made especially for blackjack and involves the use of swift action and fast movement to switch the chips. The move had only been invented quite recently and has been successfully used by several pastposting teams in the US and even in other parts of the world.

Dealer Collusion

Dealer collusion is the act of working with the dealer. Several times players join hands with the dealers for cheating the casinos out of their money. Dealers would then make use of their expertise and employ several techniques like second dealing, false shuffles, false cuts etc in order to cheat.

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Legal Side of Cheating

Have you ever thought of possible legal ways of cheating? Certainly, all of them still stay illegal but anyway...

Some methods can be found and used by experienced cheaters if they want to make a presentation of cheating as if it's a legal one.

Find a cheater

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