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Blackjack Cheating Strategies

 Discover the information about all ways of blackjack cheat: how is it possible to beat casinos illegally?  

Blackjack has been one of the most popular games in casinos for years now. From centuries, the game has been played in some form or the other and players today all over the world have got used that game rules and running differ sometimes. Even in online casinos, blackjack is offered in several different formats and in different blackjack variations. However, when it comes to blackjack cheating is also quite common.

Black Jack Cheats

There have always been players who do try to cheat at gambling just to try to get easy money. Blackjack is no exception too. For years now, players have tried to find different ways by which they can cheat the casinos out of their money. Cheating in any form is banned by the law and is considered to be a punishable offence. Even the casinos have their own rules and regulations and they do use several different measures to curb cheating.

Today, even in online casinos there are a few players who do try to cheat. Cheating has never been taken lightly and the casinos have always been on a lookout for players who try to rob them. Even some of the best players in the world have tried to cheat at casinos in the past and have been arrested for it.

Common Methods for Cheating at Blackjack

Given below are a few ways in which players try to cheat at blackjack:

  • Computer devices and super chips
  • Dealer collusion
  • Card switching
  • Card bending
  • Card mucking
  • Card marking
  • Spooking

Legal Implications

The cheating methods listed above were just some of the common ones which are used by players. However, there have been plenty of other cheating methods which have been used by ingenious players. Players should note that casinos are quite well aware of all of these cheating methods. The security at casinos is not easily fooled these days and they do not really take cheating lightly.

Any player who attempts to cheat at casinos would be prosecuted by the casino. Cheating at blackjack is illegal and is quite dangerous too. Every country and state has its own laws and regulations on how to deal with blackjack cheaters so it is recommended not to cheat.

Card Counting – Legal Status

Card counting is a very well known strategy which is used by many blackjack players. Using this strategy, players try to keep track of the cards which have been dealt by the shoe. However, though card counting is frowned upon by most casinos it is definitely not illegal. When players use their own brain to count cards it is completely legal. If, however, any outside device is used for card counting it is considered to be cheating.

Card counting gives the players quite a good edge over the casino and for this reason most casinos try to discourage it. In Las Vegas, since the casinos are built on a private property, the casinos do have the right to deny admission to card counters and can even ban them from entering.

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Legal Side of Cheating

Have you ever thought of possible legal ways of cheating? Certainly, all of them still stay illegal but anyway...

Some methods can be found and used by experienced cheaters if they want to make a presentation of cheating as if it's a legal one.

Find a cheater

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