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Sherri Skoons - Women Also Play Blackajck

 Sherri Skoons was the only known women-player who had successfully been a member of a pastposting team and a great example of gambling scam.  

Sherri Schoons was born in the year 1961 and had been the only known female pastposter and woman who used blackjack scam in casinos. She had only started as the girlfriend of one of the team members of the Richard Marcus pastposting team, Salvatore Gillette in the 90s. She would accompany them to their trips and just help out for some minor parts of their operation at blackjack scam.

Early Career Days

Six months after accompanying the teams to their trips to the casinos, she began serving as a check bettor. She had to bet certain sequences on the roulette tables where the way she placed her chips in the stacks would force the dealers to make certain moves and create a window for the mechanic to pastpost.

Later, she had been given the responsibility of helping the team cash out the huge amount of chips which is the hardest part of the entire operation. It becomes difficult for cheaters at casinos to cash out large number of chips without being notices and so Sherri became the chip courier.

Peak Career Days

After Sherri had stayed on with the team for one year and had performed these duties for them, she wanted to have a larger role in the team. She was no longer satisfied as being just the chip courier and she wanted to be the claimer, the person who has to claim the pastposted bets as the legitimate ones and have to take the money from the tables. This is the most dangerous position in pastposting teams.

The team was hesitant about Sherri taking up this responsibility at first but when she insisted on doing it,team leader decided to give her a chance and let her be the claimer. Women at that time had been known to be the best members of any pastposting team since they were better able to distract the players, dealers as well as the supervisors if all the moves are done correctly.

Sherri became a pretty good claimer and was very well known for playing a ditzy blond while performing the roulette claim which made the bosses and the dealers believe that she was just a lucky dumb blond. Nobody would ever believe that she was in fact a very intelligent member of one of the best pastposting teams in the world.

From there, Sherri started her career with the blackjack pastposting move which she perfected. She switched the chips, made the claims all the while charming everyone around her, including the dealers and the pit bosses who never had a single doubt that she was cheating.

She had been highly successful through her career as the member of the pastposting team and had successfully cheated dozens of casinos all over the US with her intelligent moves and her swift tricks. She managed to win thousands, if not millions of dollars for the team during the time that she was a member of the team.

In the year 1995, Sherri Skoons decided to quit the business and went back to school to study forensic criminology.

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