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How to Find a Cheater

 Casinos are always on the lookout for players and staff members who try to cheat and employ various measures to find a cheater.  

Casinos handle a large amount of money every single day. For this reason temptation exists for the staff as well as the players to cheat and commit crimes. Cheating in casinos has existed since as long as the casinos have existed because people are always on the lookout for different ways in which they can earn easy money. Casinos use several different security measures for preventing the crimes and cheatings, and for staying on the lookout for suspicious players and casino staff members.

Trained Security Staff

The modern day casinos invest quite heavily when it comes to their security and a case to find a cheater. In most casinos, the security is divided between a physical security force as well as a special surveillance department:

  1. The physical security force is responsible for patrolling the casino floor and has to respond to reports of suspicious activities and criminal activities as well to assistance calls. They have to be on the floor and have to look out for any suspicious move on the part of the player as well as on the part of the casino staff members.
  2. The surveillance department operates the closed circuit television in the casinos. In the casino industry these are also known as the “eye in the sky”. These cameras are used to detect any misconduct on the floor.

Both of these security departments have to work quite closely to each other and have to ensure the safety of the casino’s assets as well as of the guests. These individuals are highly trained and are well aware of all the cheating techniques used by the players as well as the dealers.

The dealers in the casinos themselves play quite an important role when it comes to the safety of the casinos. Casinos today only recruit dealers who are highly knowledgeable in their field and understand the game as well as the players quite well. These dealers not only know all the cheating techniques but they are also well aware about the profile of the cheating players and can spot them in the blink of an eye. The casinos have a very strict code of conduct and procedures for dealing the games. The type of cards that are used, the chips which are used in the casinos, the number of times the deck has to be shuffled during a game etc are all decided in advance.

Security Gadgets

Almost all casinos today make use of several highly advanced security gadgets. First of all, all over the casino there are several security cameras located all over the floor. There is a special surveillance room in the casinos where the staff members can look at the views from every corner of the casino. Some of the casinos also have catwalks located in the ceiling right above the casino floor. These allow the security personnel to look directly down on what happens at the tables through a one way glass.

Playing at a casino isn't anything like a leisurely game of bingo online. Security is of the utmost importance in casinos because of the large amount of money which is present there and the number of threats that they face every day; so, the consequences of blackjack cheating can be very serious if revealed.

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Legal Side of Cheating

Have you ever thought of possible legal ways of cheating? Certainly, all of them still stay illegal but anyway...

Some methods can be found and used by experienced cheaters if they want to make a presentation of cheating as if it's a legal one.

Find a cheater

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